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The Dream Center Institute, Inc.

The Dream Center Institute, Inc. is a non-profit organization created to educate and empower women, teens and families to become productive citizens and live better quality lives.

Company Mission

To empower women and teens through coaching, speaking, and training, to realize their purpose and maximize potential.

Company Vision

To unlock the hidden potential within, allowing women and teens to increase the quality of their lives and live their dreams.

The vision for the Dream Center Inc., is simply to educate and empower students and families for career and life success.  James and Yolanda Presley are the founders of this non-profit organization.  They have a passion to help others live a better quality of life.  

The Dream Center currently has partnerships with local agencies.  They facilitate a variety workshops and manage programs that are geared towards homeownership, financial literacy and college & career readiness.  

They hosted their first High School Freshmen Boot Camp in August 2015.  This boot camp was organized to help prepare incoming freshmen for educational success.  This boot camp will serve to fill the gap between school and home which is where many students fail and/or lose sight of their ultimate goal….graduation!

The students are assigned mentors that will follow them throughout their high school journey.  Yolanda and her husband are determined to decrease the pipeline to prison, by inspiring and motivating young people, to seek higher education and pursue their dreams.

Purpose Coach


Yolanda has a passion that causes an immediate connection with her audience.  She possesses the innate ability to engage her audience by tapping into the very core of the longing in their souls to be significant, respected and understood celebrated.  She uses her personal experiences to capture the essence of what has caused many to become mediocre in their pursuit of a purposeful life.  She has the aptness uncover areas of untapped potential and wasted creativity.

A lack of power nutrients such as personal vision, motivation, and leadership skills have the tendency to cause an individual’s dream to suffer fatigue, a decrease in excitement and poor preparation. The Purpose Coach will help you to reignite the fire within and empower you realize true purpose and maximize your potential.



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